The Fun of Traveling Light

Packing light for a trip that takes days or weeks is much easier said than done. For some reasons, there are people who seem to have a tougher time keeping their luggage light. Many end up over packing only to realize in hindsight that they could have gone without a lot of the items they have been carrying around during a trip. Traveling with less baggage to lug around can be a liberating experience for several reasons.

Traveling with Less

Pack light is one of the most common pieces of sage travel advices you will often hear. But it is a skill that not everyone gets right the first time. If you like the idea of traveling with a lighter luggage or want to stick to one carry-on, you can start learning the art of minimalist packing. You might surprise yourself with the perks of going on a trip with less baggage to worry about.


1. Ease and comfort. Traveling has its share of discomforts and making your trip as comfortable as possible starts with keeping your luggage light. The lesser items you have to fit in a bag, the more convenient it will be to travel around. Imagine getting through airports faster with no luggage to check in. Or think of how easier it would be to travel around in buses and subways with a smaller baggage to lug around.

2. Fewer things to worry about. You do not have to worry about lost baggage if you have less or nothing to lose in the first place. Traveling with one carry-on luggage allows you to breeze through airport search points and security control measures. You can also leave spend your time exploring your destinations without worrying about losing valuables left in cumbersome bags in your hotel room.

Sticking to the Essentials

Every trip is a chance to become better at sticking to what’s essential and eliminating those that you don’t really need to bring. Some of the tried and tested methods of globetrotters who prefer to travel light include:

1. Know what to expect. Doing a bit of research about your destination saves you from some unpleasant surprises. Check the week-long weather forecast so you can have an idea of what suitable clothing to wear instead of bringing stuff you will not need on your trip. Dress up in layers to minimize the clothing you have to pack. Wear your light or thick jacket while traveling so it does not have to take up space in your bag. Opt for lightweight, comfortable, and quick-dry clothing. Avoid over packing. Keep in mind that you can always buy something comfortable and cheap in your destinations should the need for it arises.

2. Prepare a checklist. Make a checklist first before you start packing. Focus on the essentials and leave anything behind that you don’t really need or can easily buy at your destination.