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Reasons Why You Should Get a Log Splitter Today

Build wooden projects for your home with a log splitter today! But first, you must purchase one. If you doubt the capability of a log splitter, I suggest you read on. Not only are they efficient at splitting firewood, but they also have the following benefits.

Advantages of a Log Splitter


A manual log splitter, which needs no fuel to operate, doesn’t release chemicals or fumes, making them friendly to the planet. Don’t worry though, because fuel-powered log splitters also have a small effect on the environment.

Easy to Use


Who said log splitters are difficult to operate? They clearly haven’t used one then! These machines are so comfortable to use you can master them in one day. They finish the job quicker than humans, and they come with vertical and horizontal designs nowadays.

Less Chaotic

Don’t you just loathe it when you have to clean up the debris like sawdust and wood chips after cutting the wood with an ax? Thank goodness log splitters exist! With these babies, you can get the work done faster and have a tidier working space.

Requires little preservation


Maintaining a log splitter is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to oil them, and they’ll work efficiently with no complaints. Log splitters don’t require any sharpening too, which makes it a lot easier to preserve.

Saves Your Time

If you use a hydraulic log splitter, you could cut around 216 wood pieces per hour! The good news doesn’t end there. Using a kinetic log splitter will allow you to split nearly 870 pieces of wood in an hour! Convenient, aren’t they? Powered log splitters make it easier for you to chop wood—all there is to do is to pull a lever or press a button, after all.

Tips on How to Use Your Log Splitter


  • Read the manual.
  • Wear the appropriate outfit—safety glasses and boots or shoes. Don’t wear loose clothing and jewelry; they could get caught in the splitter.
  • To stay out of harm’s way, ensure that the log is secured in position—do this by grasping the log steadily from the middle.
  • Double check if the beam is locked before you begin.
  • Chop logs with squared off ends before splitting.
  • Don’t ever split more than one log at the same time in an attempt to decrease the splitting time.
  • Keep the working area clean. Get rid of any wood around the splitter so that you don’t trip.
  • One operator would suffice. The person assigned to load and stabilize the log should be the same person who is in charge of the control handle.

Making Your Vacation Trip Count In A Pool Resort

Getting a chance to take a breather from the heat and pressure of your work life is almost zero. But when you do get one, it will probably only involve you idling on your couch all day to make up for all those sleepless work nights for the past few weeks.

Admit it or not as well, getting a chance to make a changer from the tension and strain of your home life is almost zero. And when you do get one, it will probably just involve you lying on your bed all day to make up for all those restless home day for the past few days.

Thus, it’s only right for you to look forward to making your vacation trip count.

Just two questions for you, though.

  • One, how can you if you only have a limited amount of time to take a breather from your hectic work life?
  • And two, how can you if you just have a limited amount of money to make a changer from your home life?

Well, the key here is pool – and yes, including pool vacuums.

You see, pools are not just known as great places for when you need to refresh yourself under the warm shine of the sun. Pools are also great places for when you need to refresh your body and boost your energy as you take a dip and do some strokes under the water. But of course, who could ever forget about pools having a beach-like ambience – further contributing to your ultimate purpose of making your vacation trip count by taking a much-needed breather from work within a man-made yet natural setting and the ever constant warm sun.


For this, you only need to take that breather and swim and stroke your way to relaxation even in a private pool resort – allowing you to especially spend more time within a limited amount of time.

You also see, pools are not just known as great places for when you need to rejuvenate yourself over the cool blow of the air. Pools are even great places for when you need to rejuvenate your brain and boost your immunity as you take a dip and do some glides over the water. And of course, who could ever forget about pools having a beach-like atmosphere – further contributing to your ultimate purpose of making your vacation trip count by making a much-needed changer from home within a man-made yet natural surrounding and the ever constant cool air.

For this, you just need to make that changer and swim and glide your way to rejuvenation even in a public pool resort – allowing you to even save more money within a limited amount of money.

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Moving Out With Flair

Moving out can be quite daunting. There’s even a possibility of moving out with things you can only fit into a single truck. But you know what? Moving out can be quite delighting. There’s especially a possibility of moving out with things you can really fit into a single room. And by this, it means being able to have something that fits your soon-to-be-room perfectly, as well as fit you soon-to-be-home magnificently.

And yes, I’m talking about going D.I.Y. here.

You see, going D.I.Y. is a bit synonymous to moving out with flair due to the following reasons:

Moving out allows you to up your creativity.

New doors, new walls, new rooms, a new ceiling, a new front porch, and a new back patio – the list of all things new will be endless after moving out, as well as the list of all things new you can unleash your potential on after moving out. All you need to do is bring all those creative ideas you’ve had since high school and bring and all those innovative ideas you’ve had since reading that lifestyle magazine a few days ago for brainstorming, as well as all those old materials you’ve had since college and all those new tools you’ve had since calling that lifestyle show a few days ago for purchasing.

moving out

Moving out also allows you to up your own.

And by this, it means developing yourself in ways that you never thought possible. It means becoming more independent as you learn to do things on your own after moving out, especially from your parents’ house. It also means becoming more patient as you learn to do things from scratch after moving out, especially from your more than usual lifestyle. It even means becoming more determined as you learn to do things each passing day after moving out, especially from your less than usual lifestyle. Simply put, moving out allows you to become a better person – to up who you are, to up what you’re capable of.

It’s just like this article, eh?

How about you?

Have you experienced moving out of the house? How did it go for you? Have you also experienced moving out of the house by yourself? How did it go for you?

What kind of lessons have you learned after moving out? What kind of lessons are you still learning after moving out? What kind of lessons are you hoping to learn after moving out?

How are you before as a person? How are you now as a person?

Is moving out worth it? Why or why not?

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What To Do In Southern Oregon

Planning to visit Southern Oregon soon? Good decision!

You see, Southern Oregon is not just known for its pristine beaches and fine waterfalls. It’s also best known for other natural wonders such as those located in Myrtle Creek and Rogue River. Even more so, there’s no shortage of things to do in this region.

Here’s what to do in Southern Oregon:

Wine Tours

We all know how wine can help keep us healthy with its inspiring immunity properties. We also know how wine can help keep us fit with its awesome antioxidant properties. So, why not go on a wine tour when visiting Southern Oregon? Some of the most popular wine tours are held in Grants Pass, which is home to the Schmidt Family Vineyards and Serra Vineyards; Jacksonville, which is home to Red Lily Vineyards and South Stage Cellars; Medford, which is home to DANCIN Vineyards; and Ashland, which is home to three great wineries: the Grizzly Peak Winery, the Weisinger Family Winery, and the Irvine Vineyards.

Camp Tours

southern oregon

Ah, who doesn’t like camping? If you’re visiting Southern Oregon, you’re going to love camping even more with its abundance of places to go. Some of the most popular campgrounds in this region include Squaw Lakes Campground and Natural Bridge Campground in Jackson County, as well as Fourmile Lake Campground and Odell Lake Campground in Klamath County. There’s also Glenyan RV Park & Campground in Ashland at Jackson County and Sunny Valley RV Park & Campground in Wolf Creek at Josephine County.

Indeed, there are lots of things to do and places to go in Southern Oregon.

How about you? Have you visited Southern Oregon?

What did you do and how was your experience? Where did you go and how was your experience?

Do you know any other things to do and places to go in Southern Oregon? Let us know in the comments section below!


The Fun of Traveling Light

Packing light for a trip that takes days or weeks is much easier said than done. For some reasons, there are people who seem to have a tougher time keeping their luggage light. Many end up over packing only to realize in hindsight that they could have gone without a lot of the items they have been carrying around during a trip. Traveling with less baggage to lug around can be a liberating experience for several reasons.

Traveling with Less

Pack light is one of the most common pieces of sage travel advices you will often hear. But it is a skill that not everyone gets right the first time. If you like the idea of traveling with a lighter luggage or want to stick to one carry-on, you can start learning the art of minimalist packing. You might surprise yourself with the perks of going on a trip with less baggage to worry about.


1. Ease and comfort. Traveling has its share of discomforts and making your trip as comfortable as possible starts with keeping your luggage light. The lesser items you have to fit in a bag, the more convenient it will be to travel around. Imagine getting through airports faster with no luggage to check in. Or think of how easier it would be to travel around in buses and subways with a smaller baggage to lug around.

2. Fewer things to worry about. You do not have to worry about lost baggage if you have less or nothing to lose in the first place. Traveling with one carry-on luggage allows you to breeze through airport search points and security control measures. You can also leave spend your time exploring your destinations without worrying about losing valuables left in cumbersome bags in your hotel room.

Sticking to the Essentials

Every trip is a chance to become better at sticking to what’s essential and eliminating those that you don’t really need to bring. Some of the tried and tested methods of globetrotters who prefer to travel light include:

1. Know what to expect. Doing a bit of research about your destination saves you from some unpleasant surprises. Check the week-long weather forecast so you can have an idea of what suitable clothing to wear instead of bringing stuff you will not need on your trip. Dress up in layers to minimize the clothing you have to pack. Wear your light or thick jacket while traveling so it does not have to take up space in your bag. Opt for lightweight, comfortable, and quick-dry clothing. Avoid over packing. Keep in mind that you can always buy something comfortable and cheap in your destinations should the need for it arises.

2. Prepare a checklist. Make a checklist first before you start packing. Focus on the essentials and leave anything behind that you don’t really need or can easily buy at your destination.

Cave Junction

Places to See and Things to Do in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon offers numerous attractions. Its wine regions, marble caves, historic towns, and outdoor destinations are just some of the top reasons to visit the area. If you are looking for destinations for a fun getaway, here are some of the places to see and things to do in Southern Oregon to add to your list.

Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake National Park
Top reasons to go: Crater Lake National Park boasts of breathtaking natural scenery foremost of which is the famous lake that serves as the main attraction in the area. To say that the Crater Lake is beautiful would seem like an understatement. Formed over 7,000 years ago following a volcanic eruption, the lake was a crater where water from rain and underground surfaces started to collect. There is no dearth of things to doing when visiting this national park. Some of the popular activities include bicycling, activities like bicycling, camping, fishing (think Kokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout), hiking, lake cruises, and cross-country skiing during the winter season.

Grants Pass
Grants Pass
Top reasons to go: Tourists visiting the city can enjoy a wide array of activities and places to explore. Food lovers can check out the fresh produce and delectable treats at Growers Market. Shoppers will also find many stores that sell a wide array of items from antiques to souvenirs and the latest fashion. Outdoor enthusiasts can take their pick of adventures like the exhilarating rides on Hellgate Jetboats, fishing, hiking, rafting, and more.

Cave Junction
Cave Junction
Top reasons to go: Cave Junction has many interesting sights that include the Great Cats World Park where visitors can see, observe, and learn more about the big cats featured in the park. The Oregon Caves National Monument is another popular attraction with its subterranean chambers and marble caves along with the historic Chateau located in the area.

Highway 101
Highway 101
Top reasons to go: Highway 101 is a scenic route that boasts of breathtaking scenery. It offers awe-inspiring views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. The Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor
Is another attraction worth noting because of its impressive overlooks that provide an amazing vista.

Top reasons to go: Jacksonville is a historic town with a more laidback atmosphere. From shopping to hiking, the picturesque town has a lot of interesting places to offer including antique shops and scenic trails for shoppers and adventure lovers. It is also home to the Britt Festival that features world-class artists and performers in the music scene.