Reasons Why You Should Get a Log Splitter Today

Build wooden projects for your home with a log splitter today! But first, you must purchase one. If you doubt the capability of a log splitter, I suggest you read on. Not only are they efficient at splitting firewood, but they also have the following benefits.

Advantages of a Log Splitter


A manual log splitter, which needs no fuel to operate, doesn’t release chemicals or fumes, making them friendly to the planet. Don’t worry though, because fuel-powered log splitters also have a small effect on the environment.

Easy to Use


Who said log splitters are difficult to operate? They clearly haven’t used one then! These machines are so comfortable to use you can master them in one day. They finish the job quicker than humans, and they come with vertical and horizontal designs nowadays.

Less Chaotic

Don’t you just loathe it when you have to clean up the debris like sawdust and wood chips after cutting the wood with an ax? Thank goodness log splitters exist! With these babies, you can get the work done faster and have a tidier working space.

Requires little preservation


Maintaining a log splitter is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to oil them, and they’ll work efficiently with no complaints. Log splitters don’t require any sharpening too, which makes it a lot easier to preserve.

Saves Your Time

If you use a hydraulic log splitter, you could cut around 216 wood pieces per hour! The good news doesn’t end there. Using a kinetic log splitter will allow you to split nearly 870 pieces of wood in an hour! Convenient, aren’t they? Powered log splitters make it easier for you to chop wood—all there is to do is to pull a lever or press a button, after all.

Tips on How to Use Your Log Splitter


  • Read the manual.
  • Wear the appropriate outfit—safety glasses and boots or shoes. Don’t wear loose clothing and jewelry; they could get caught in the splitter.
  • To stay out of harm’s way, ensure that the log is secured in position—do this by grasping the log steadily from the middle.
  • Double check if the beam is locked before you begin.
  • Chop logs with squared off ends before splitting.
  • Don’t ever split more than one log at the same time in an attempt to decrease the splitting time.
  • Keep the working area clean. Get rid of any wood around the splitter so that you don’t trip.
  • One operator would suffice. The person assigned to load and stabilize the log should be the same person who is in charge of the control handle.

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